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We offer many different services to our community. Whether it is book selling/saving or author services, we are here to help!

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Open Book

Book Selling

You need a book, we'll find it for you. Give you prices and options on new or used and get it to you. Easy.

Or maybe you need a recommendation or gift book - yup old fashioned booksellers beat Amazon suggestions any day.

Book Selling

Book Rescue

Why Book Rescue?

They are your treasures or maybe just inherited weight, but either way we want to move them on to those who are seeking or in need of good book companions. We rescue books from rough handling, fire or dismemberment and find them new homes!


Whether you're moving, downsizing or simply weeding out - we'll take your books! We will take them as donation or sell them on consignment for you.  Donated Rescue Books benefit our community libraries, homeless shelters and prisons.

Book Rescue

Author Services

You write, Leave the Bookselling to us.

Our bookselling services remote or at an event take the headache of "selling" away from the writers. We'll handle stocking books, selling of books, financial transactions, & shipping. 


Author Services include:

Marketing & Publicity Services - Let us help with pre-press navigating best ways to meet new readers

Event Bookselling - In person or virtual Book Launches, Book Conversations, & Conference Bookselling 

Stock & Fulfillment - We'll store and ship signed copies of your book to readers everywhere

Author Services
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