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The Winter Market Gardener : A Successful Grower's Handbook for Year-Round Harvests 

by Jean-Martin Fortier, Catherine Sylvestre, Laurie Bennett (Translator)

Paperback ISBN: 9780865719873



The Winter Market Gardener is a guide to year-round vegetable production. Based on years of experimentation in techniques, tools, and cultivars, it presents planting, care, and harvesting details for dozens of winter crops that earn money and provide the highest quality, most delicious produce for local markets.

The Complete Practical Guide to Growing Vegetables Year-Round in Northern Climates for Local Markets

MANY SMALL FARMS shut down during the dark winter months. Yet with the right techniques, equipment, and cultivars, year-round growing can produce the highest quality and tastiest fresh local vegetables, all while banking a profit.

Building on years of research, experimentation, and collaboration, The Winter Market Gardener is a beautifully illustrated practical guide to winter vegetable production for small farmers growing in northern climates. Coverage includes:

  • Unique aspects of year-round vegetable production
  • Dozens of detailed vegetable profiles
  • Start-to-finish winter crop planning
  • Selecting shelters, from row covers to high tunnels
  • Tool selection and use for efficiency
  • Winter storage crops and successful autumn growing.

Whether you are an experienced farmer or market grower, enthusiastic amateur, or committed consumer, The Winter Market Gardener will excite, inspire, and empower you to embrace the seasons and work with nature to produce and enjoy superior-quality local vegetables all year.

Winter Market Gardener

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