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Unlearn, Rewild : Earth Skills, Ideas and Inspiration for the Future Primitive
by Miles Olson

Trade Paperback

ISBN: 9780865717213


Unlearn, Rewild invites you to step out of your comfort zone and consider a healthy, sane and self-reliant life that is not separate from nature. Combining philosophical exploration with a guide to endangered primitive and traditional skills, this unique and unconventional book will make you question what it means to be civilized.

Picture a world where humans exist, like all other living things, in balance. Where there is no separation between "human" and "wild." Unlearn, Rewild boldly envisions such a world, probing deeply into the cultural constraints on our ability to lead truly sustainable lives and offering real, tangible tools to move toward another way of living, seeing, and thinking.

Part philosophical treatise, part hard-core survival guide, this unique and thoroughly unconventional manual blends philosophy with a detailed introduction to a rich assortment of endangered traditional living skills, including:

  • Harvesting and preparing unconventional proteins
  • Feral food preservation
  • Dealing responsibly with waste
  • Natural methods of birth control
  • Tanning and processing animal skins

Lyrical, humorous, surprising, enlightening, and thought-provoking by turns, Unlearn, Rewild is essential reading for those who wish to heal themselves and the earth, live gracefully into the future primitive and experience their wildest dreams.

Unlearn Rewild

SKU: 9780865717213
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