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The Drought Resilient Farm

By Dale Strickler




This in-depth practical guide shows farmers, ranchers, and gardeners how to reduce the impact of less-than-optimal rainfall on crops and livestock with innovative, yet simple techniques for enhancing the water retention of soil and developing a drought management plan.


Rainfall levels are rarely optimal, but there are hundreds of things you can do to efficiently conserve and use the water you do have and to reduce the impact of drought on your soil, crops, livestock, and farm or ranch ecosystem. Author Dale Strickler introduces you to the same innovative systems he used to transform his own drought-stricken family farm in Kansas into a thriving, water-wise, and profitable enterprise, maximizing healthy cropland, pasture, and water supply. Ranging from simple, short-term projects such as installing rain-collection ollas to long-term land-management planning strategies, Strickler’s methods show how to get more water into the soil, keep it in the soil, and help plants and livestock access it.

The Drought Resilient Farm by Dale Strickler

SKU: 9781635860023
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