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Merin and Her Very Bright Star

By Lori Mier

ISBN: 9781736656907


What does it feel like to miss someone you cannot remember?

A young girl with a deeply felt loss in her life turns to a very bright star to talk to each night. She also carries a notebook wherever she goes to sketch all the bright and beautiful things that she sees that remind her to wonder about her mom and dad. With the help of a grief counselor and an unexpected friend, Merin learns a lot about herself and the world.

Merin And Her Very Bright Star is a heartfelt story for children in the early grades. Themes include healing, self awareness, developing relationships, grief and loss, coping, nature connection, community and resiliency. This book is for anyone that loves children's stories and can also be utilized by therapists, school counselors and educators everywhere.

Merin and Her Very Bright Star

SKU: 9781736656907
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