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A Litany of Wild Graces: Meditations on Sacred Ecology

by Sharifa Oppenheimer


ISBN: 9781954744622


In A Litany of Wild Graces: Meditations on Sacred Ecology, Sharifa Oppenheimer points us toward an open secret. Through poetry, essay, litany, and dreams, she invites us to step out of a 21st century virtual reality and into the emerald earth.   Here we rediscover our ancient neural core: kinship with all beings.  In these pages we meet close relatives: woman-in-the-mountain, northern blue ice, our sun ~ the father of all incandescence. We inhale the very breath exhaled by arctic phytoplankton. 

 It is through kinship ~ through Love alone ~ that we will be brought back to our senses, back home to the sensually alive inter-being that composes the living body of Gaia.  It is, singularly, here at home in the one heart of earth that we will shuck off our husk of greed and domination. Here we can regain our humanity.  We can rejoin the great conversation among beings.   Step outside, open these pages and remember.

Litany of Wild Graces

SKU: 9781954744622
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