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Growing Perennial Foods : A Field Guide to Raising Resilient Herbs, Fruits, and Vegetables
By Acadia Tucker, Krishna Chavda




How to make perennial food plants an essential part of your garden

Acadia Tucker’s long love affair with perennial foods has produced this easy-to-understand guide to growing and harvesting them. A regenerative farmer who is deeply concerned about global warming, Tucker believes there may be no better time to plant these hardy crops.

Perennials can weather climate extremes, promote healthy soil, mitigate drought conditions, and thrive without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Many can be harvested year round. They taste good, pack lots of nutrients, and require little tending. In short, the world is a better place with more perennials in it and this book intends to get us there.

Growing Perennial Foods

SKU: 9780998862354
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