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Diamond Rattle Loves to Tattle  (Illustrated)
by Ashley Bartley, Brian Martin





Diamond Rattle loves to tattle, she’s been telling on others for years. She’s quick to glide up to her teacher’s desk and tattle on all of her peers!
This adorable tale is the story of an elementary-aged rattlesnake amongst a classroom full of other elementary-aged animals. The problem? Diamond LOVES to tattle. And when she tattles, her rattles glow and grow! Her tattling tendencies are affecting her friendships – so much so that her peers are avoiding her and she finds herself eating lunch alone. Fortunately for Diamond, her caring teacher Ms. Crow is there to teach her more about problem-solving, staying out of others’ business, and the difference between a report and a tattle. Will Diamond be able to control her snitching-snake tendencies?

Diamond Rattle Loves to Tattle

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