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Backroads 6 Book Series SIGNED

by Lynn Coffey

Trade Paperback


Signs, superstitions, remedies and cures.  Lynn Coffey's six-book series about Virginia's Appalachian culture, Backroads; Plain Folk and Simple Livin' gives readers a look into a disappearing way of life that has served generations of mountain people well. The book contains thirty-one chapters ranging from digging ginseng, churning butter, old time recipes, beekeeping, early burial practices and handmade coffins as well as in-depth interviews with six elder native people of the Blue Ridge Mountains. With endorsements from Earl Hamner, Jr., creator of the Waltons, and Jan Karon, author of the popular Mitford series, Backroad is a testament to the tenacity and resilience of the hearty Scots/Irish immigrants born and raised in the isolated hollers deep in Virginia's hazy blue mountains. Reminiscent of the Foxfire books, Backroads; Plain Folk and Simple Livin' captures the essence and spirit of those who chose a hardscrabble way of life over the confines of city living. A must read for those longing for a simpler way of life and a modicum of self-sufficiency.

Backroads Series

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