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High-Yield Vegetable Gardening : Grow More of What You Want in the Space You Have
By Colin McCrate, Brad Halm

Spiral Bound Paperback



Home gardeners can now learn how to maximize food production from any size vegetable garden using these high-yield techniques.
You won’t believe your eyes when you see the size of your harvest! In High-Yield Vegetable Gardening, authors Colin McCrate and Brad Halm show how you can make your food garden much more productive, no matter how big or small it is. You’ll learn their secrets for preparing the soil, selecting and rotating your crops, and mapping out a specific customized plan to make the most of your space and your growing season. Packed with the charts, tables, schedules, and worksheets you need — as well as record-keeping pages so you can repeat your successes next year — this book is an essential tool for the serious gardener.

High-Yield Vegetable Gardening

SKU: 9781612123967
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