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This week's DAILY SPECIALS listed below

Our Cafe offers visitors a casual, inviting atmosphere for enjoying food with a friend - be it person or book. Join us for that late morning snack, lunch hour, late afternoon break, early dinner or take home dinner.

Organic and locally grown food offers a healthy alternative to fatty fast food from distant sources. Breaking bread with your neighbors and visitors offers fellowship and a connection to your community.

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Celebrate the Bounty of Local Produce!

Café Menu Soups & Specials

for the
week of
November 10 - November 15

Fig, Rosemary & Cheddar Panini (v)
Berry Buttermilk Cake

Tomato Basil (v)
Cajun Chicken Wrap

Broccoli Cheddar
Black Bean & Sweet Potato Quesadilla (v)
Key Lime Pie

White Bean & Rosemary (v)
Cuban Panini
Chocolate Walnut Pie

French Onion Soup
Gingerbread with Butterscotch Sauce

Friday evening
Gumbo with Chicken & Andouille Sausage
Apple Pie

Chef's Choice

plus our regular menu available daily